5 Mistakes You’re Making On Social Media

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Let’s face it, social media is huge. It’s pretty obvious that every business wants to join the bandwagon and promote their brand’s offerings via several social media platforms. Now the thing is that most businesses don’t just want to be on it, but they actually want to be on top of social media channels.

Well, this is great, but the issue is that many companies don’t understand the concept of these platforms. In the eagerness to reap the full benefits of social media, most business owners end up making common social media mistakes that can affect their initial plans in the long-run. The worst part is that these missteps are likely to create a bad impression that can be hard to overcome later. The only way out is to stop making these common social media mistakes.

There’s no doubt that social media has become an essential part of doing business online, but your company has a role to play to succeed in your social endeavors. You need to plan ahead and take good care of these accounts to ensure that you’re on the right track. The thing is that social media mistakes have become increasingly frequent but the good news is that they can be avoided basic maintenance as well as a tiny bit of creativity.

Right now, we’re going to explore five common mistakes brands make with social media.

Sounds good? Let’s get started!

1. Poor Quality Images 

For starters, people love to see images on social media. In fact, by including an image in your written post, you stand the chance of doubling your user engagements. Now it’s not just about using images, but it’s more about using the ones that portray the best side of your products and services. When you share poor quality photos on image-based channels like Instagram, you’ll end up giving an unprofessional look and feel for your business. As a matter of fact, using images that do not appeal to your target audience could end up doing your business more harm than good.

Here’s the deal:

Always make sure that the images you use on your social media channels are of excellent quality. You should also try your best to make use of original photos so your audience can see your brand as an authority. The bottom line is for you to use high-quality images and be careful with stock photos or just avoid using them as a whole.

2. Posting Irrelevant Content 

If you’re looking to see positive ROI from your social media marketing, you’ll need to share fresh and engaging content with your audience. Most businesses tend to make the mistake of sharing irrelevant or off-brand content on their social media channels (especially Facebook). Doing this will likely leave a bad impression on your business and may send some of your followers packing.

So when writing a post, it’s important to as yourself a couple of questions including:

• Would this content add value to my audience?

• Is this post going to solve their problems?

• Would they find the post interesting?

The bottom line is for you to know the interests and pain points of your audience so that you can craft content that appeals to them. Doing this is huge!

3. Excessive Promotion & Spamming Your Followers

Most businesses fail to see the primary purpose of social media, which is communication. For the most part, people join social media platforms to stay in touch with friends and family. So, it’s pretty obvious that they’ll only follow brands they love as well as those they intend to use in the future.

In essence, users care less about buying new products. They’re more interested in finding things that interest them. So, business profiles that always post links to their products are actually ruining the purpose of social media. Such brands are practically showing their will to coerce people into bringing them profit.

So, it’s important for your business’s social presence to add value to the audience by giving them a better understanding of your field of expertise. In essence, a marketing business must not only post their services, but they should provide their community with quality articles and prove the importance of their offerings through studies and research. Just be sure to build trust before making any advertising moves.

4. Creating Boring Headlines

Another common mistake your business must try to avoid is failing to create engaging headlines. Let’s face it; when it comes to social media, headlines are super important. This is especially true when you make use of sites like Facebook and Twitter where your messages are typically short and sweet.

You should know that engagement decides how many people get to see your story. Moreover, most people tend to choose whether or not to read your post based on your headline; in essence, those first few words are the most important part of your story. So if your heading is boring, there’s no way you’ll be able to hold the attention of readers, and that’s not part of the plan.

The bottom line is for you to do all you can to hone your headlines so they can be engaging and relevant to your audience. A general rule of thumb is for you to write your headings with your audience in mind. This is crucial to your social success!

5. Not Paying Attention To Feedback 

What’s the point of posting colorful pictures, incredible posts or attention-grabbing tweets if you’re not engaging with your followers? Not replying to the comments and questions of your followers is a terrible social media mistake to avoid. Moreover, using automated response won’t suffice. Do not leave it to chance! Try to address your audience by their names, provide professional answers when required and be sure to keep things fun when your follower want to engage in friendly banter.

Just remember that social media sites are meant to provide your company with a human face, so try your best to keep up!

Wrapping It Up

And that’s it! These are the main social media mistakes most businesses make, both knowingly and unknowingly. The truth is that your social profiles require excellent strategies and commitment from your end to blow the competition out of the water and succeed in your endeavors. Be sure to avoid these five mistakes so your brand can start reaping the full benefits of social media and gain more from its social presence.

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