How A Live Chat Widget Can Rescue Your Website

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What can you say about the quality of your site’s customer service? You don’t need to be a pro in marketing to know that quality customer service is very crucial to the success of your business. The issue with online shopping is that many customers tend to be disconnected from someone who can provide excellent answers to their questions in real time.

There’s no doubt that quality customer service can make your existing customers become your most vocal advocates who can help grow your client base. In essence, giving your customers a worthwhile and memorable experience is a sure way to increase their loyalty and trust in your brand’s offerings.

But the big question is “what does a memorable experience look like between a business and a client?” well, it’s one where the business attends to the needs of both the existing and prospective customer at all stages of the sales funnel; that’s before, during and after they’ve bought your brand’s products or services.

So how can you create this worthwhile and memorable experience for your customers? Well, as it turns out, live chat possesses the ability to provide the excellent answers that customers want.

Adding a live chat widget to your site gives your clients the chance to chat with your company in real-time to get answers to their questions, receive advice and build trust in your brand’s offerings.

This also adds significant benefits to the staff and also increases the conversion rates of your business.

In this post we’re going to explore why your company needs to install a live chat widget on your site and how adding a human factor to your business can increase your revenue.

1. Super Convenient to Customers 

It’s pretty obvious that happy customers are paying customers. Live chat offers convenience for customers in the sense that it gives customers immediate access to help. In essence, they don’t have to leave looking for assistance on the phone or email.

This added convenience is what strengthens the relationship between you and your customers; How? Well, the availability of help and speed at which the support is given creates an enjoyable experience for both your existing and potential customers and that alone build stronger relationships with them.

By engaging in conversation with customers from the product page of your site, your company’s customer service is more likely to give helpful answers to their questions, which eventually increases their confidence when shopping on your website.

2. Cost Efficient 

Another great thing is that live chat is cost efficient. It’s also noteworthy to mention that live chat boosts the average order value of customer purchases since many of these clients are getting relevant insight as well as advice on what to shop for in real time.

This increased trust in your products helps customers feel better about buying your products since they already have a clearer picture of what they’re about to purchase. For the most part, installing a live chat widget on your site isn’t a costly endeavor since it typically pays off quickly with increased conversions and AOVs once customers know they can utilize the program.

In essence, there are many cheap options at your company’s disposal irrespective of whether you’re a small or medium sized firm.

3. Address Customer’s Problems or Pain Points 

There’s nothing more profitable to a business than tapping into a client’s pain point. A customer’s unmet need is known as a pain point. Marketing teams regularly sift through social media as well as message boards to find these pain points.

Live chat provides direct access to customer’s pain points. When existing as well as prospective customers use live chat, they’ll ensure that a product or service will perform as advertised or that a promoting will provide them a much-needed discount.

Moreover, as a live chat representative converse with customers, they can discover new ways to improve a business’s products or services.

4. Win The Competition 

Installing a live chat widget for your website also gives your business an edge over competitors. It’s pretty evident that the amount of competitors in the business sphere is overwhelming; this is why it’s very imperative that your business stands out and show that it’s different from other companies.

A live chat program will give your business the opportunity to focus on the needs of your customers and get a feel of whatever they’re experiencing at almost every stage in buying funnel on your site.

Live chat is a major tactic of winning the undivided attention of a client by delivering as much value to their experience with your brand and its offerings.

5. Build Deeper Customer Relationships

Customer retention is very crucial to the long-term growth of your business. Repeat customers are known to spend more, refer friends as well as family members within their network and maintain their loyalty to your brand for decades.

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is a sure way to increase the revenue of your business. Using a live chat widget can help create and nurture these long-term relationships because it shows that your company cares about your client’s perfect satisfaction.

6. Boosts Conversion and Average Order Values

This is a no-brainer. Since the overall experience with your business is made more exciting and satisfying by the use of live chat, this eventually results in more conversions and a higher average order value from customers who are utilizing the platform.

In essence, the speed and effectiveness of this method of communication is what it takes to succeed and impact your company’s bottom line.

Excellent customer service is a never-ending process that lays strong foundations of a successful business, and with the right tools and training, you can put big smiles on customers faces.

Today, many businesses have online presence in form of website and social media, and that’s great; but, It is however important for them to open all available doors to hear whatever their customers have to say.

Live Chat is one of the sure channels of communication you can use to engage your customers and win their confidence in real-time, and this eventually leads to higher conversion rates. Just be sure to have a skilled team on deck and play the human card, and you’ll surely be well on your way to success.

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