Date: October 14, 2015
Services: Web Design, Wordpress
Project Timeline:: 5 Weeks

01. Project Summary

Sasafrasnet is a licensed, wholesale distributor of superior BP and Mobil proprietary gasoline and motor fuel products, including a blend of bio-diesel fuels, aviation fuel and lubricants, and industrial plant and machinery lubricants.

We redesigned their website in order to better tell the companies story as well as creating a design that embodies their professional company culture. We also created a resource hub for all of their station dealers. The hub gives their dealers all the resources & information they need to continue to be a successful Sasafrasnet partner.

02. Desktop Experience

In creating the desktop experience we first focused on creating a navigation menu that was immediately visible as well as ensuring that the companies logo was crisp as well. From there we focused on providing information on the companies major services right on the home page as well as the key message they wanted each visitor to see the moment they landed on the website.

03. Mobile Experience

With any mobile design project you want to make sure all the content is visible and clearly legible. This project was no different, we focused on making sure the website text was responsive to whatever mobile device it would be viewed on. Next, we focused on making sure the website menu was easily visible and each link was the appropriate size. From there we were able to layout all the content vertically and give it a flow that pieced everything together very well.

04. Project Info

We were able to create the user experience & interface for the desktop & mobile versions of this website in 3 weeks. We then created the website in 2 weeks using the WordPress CMS platform, which enables them to actively make changes when necessary. 

Date: October 14, 2015
Services: Web Design, Wordpress
Project Timeline:: 5 Weeks
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